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SubZero Photography


 With COVID ruining most of last year's antics, we are as keen as ever to get back to bringing you the largest, most exciting, quintessential university experiences you'll ever have in 2022!  Make sure you like our Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with the events we have planned. 

Salt Sand & Snow 

Our first and biggest party of Semester 1. The first and only party we managed to get in 2020 proved to be the biggest and one of the most talked-about. With record-breaking numbers, music, and everyone eager to start the year with a good old-fashioned party, this is never one you want to miss out on!

Space Disco 

Known for our love for a boogie, we always bring a theme to match and Space Disco 2019 didn't disappoint! It proved to be an all-time favorite and a theme we will definitely be revisiting or at least pay homage to in the near future!

Woodstock, A Return to the 60s (2019)

50 years ago humanity came together in a mass celebration, a celebration of the end of a decade, a decade of peace, war, protesting, and love! 400,000 people gathering for 3 days of festival loving, vibing, and dancing. 50 years on, SUBSKI invited everyone to a Woodstock commemoration to dress up and dance like it was 1969! With recent times and COVID being so full of uneasiness and uncertainty, SUBSKI is looking to try and bring some of the good times and love back this year! 

Halloween Cruise 

The cruise is our biggest and one of Universities largest parties for the year! Cruising around Sydney harbour on a massive boat, an A-class Dj to headline, and hundreds of other rambunctious people, it's the party everyone wants to be at! We also arrange a venue to have kick ons after the boat docks so your night doesn't end there! 

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